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This blog is all about the world from a view of an introvert where fitness, romance, philosophy, Solo Traveling and financial independence has an overdose. I am definitely not a guide who can preach or teach the above mentioned big things , but I can make you see these things in a much easier way as I see them.


If getting fit or becoming a much more better person or pursuing financially independence is what you thrive for then this is the place where you take your baby steps along with me in this journey.In the end having a well balanced life requires a sufficient part of all the above mentioned catalysts. 


And the reason I am bringing this out to you is because I was a person who was physically out of shape , lost my cause in romance, was completely broke for a good part of 2 years and then got fit with a body fat percentage of 12 (nope, I still don't have those physically visible abs but yeah on my way to reach there ), who understood what's much needed for a relationship (Yes, I am still single will explain you along the way why i am though), and learnt how financial independence is the key to have that perfect balance in life.


Other than these things we can talk about Football or Soccer as called in some parts of the world at anytime as myself is a big football fanatic. Apart from these this page will always be your gateway for anything you want to express about, be it your personal issue or a concerned change in the society or anything. So feel free to do so.


Apart from talking about all these things the main objective for me is just to reach out to people and make friends (I am an introvert so you could get an idea) 

as much as I could from my laptop not leaving my room. 


So if at all you like my words or you have a difference of opinion about what i am saying, Please feel free to communicate or say a "Hello" on the below mentioned platforms as you can always find me one way or the other. 


 tweet me -> @this_is_kumaran

 insta me -> @this.is.kumaran


See you soon!


Life So far

That day  - Today

We all start collecting memories from the moment we opened our eyes. And that could be from the day we were born or from

the day we realize what's important for us in life. Even though we start trapping memories and knowing people from the day we were born but we mostly realize life only after some serious traumas in our lives which most of us go through if we are from the normal mediocre background. But , but as all in life has a  purpose so does the good or bad things that happens to us and the scars that we collect as trophies makes us a much more patient and a compassionate person in real world. Your take on Life, People, Love, Money and God everything changes once you start noticing the quiet side of the universe which you weren't seeing before. When you start moving towards the right things, every piece of the puzzle will start to fall in place and for people who don't believe in miracles just remember this moment, you are reading this from a planet which has been placed in a exact distance from the sun to sustain liquid water to support life and the whole universe which accounts for the very physical existence of you and me started from a unmeasurable point and then burst into existence by "BIG BANG" so if this isn't some miracle then nothing else is. So trust the process. Don't lose hope. There's always a way to continue the journey.


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